welcome to la #h3h3 fam

You came from far away. Or maybe you didn't. Either way, we are excited to welcome you.



Jelly / No jelly

Pick your team and indulge in our special menu. You get to samples a few bonbons and a matching beverage. 


Ganoosh Hat Giveaway 

The first 10 customers through the door Friday through Sunday, will receive a Ganoosh cap. They’re cool, they’re cozy and they’re not for sale! (Store opens at 10am.)


We have extend hours 

We have extended hours this week for h3 fam. Open 10am-5pm Wed-Sun. 


Where are we located? What else is there to do nearby?

Glad you asked! We made a list (includes free parking nearby)


Didn't make the trip? 

For those who were not able to join, we are doing a special offer. Click here for more details.